Check out our list of tools to help you in your portfolio-making journey.


Google UX Design Professional Certificate - Free-ish UX courses to deepen your learning. Skimmed through some of the course and the content is great, but does not beat real-world application.

? Tip: I always encourage people to take on design projects within your community if you want to gain more experience + have work in your portfolio. Small ma & pa shop you frequent could use a website or upgrade? What about your local nonprofit? There are so many opportunities to do great work all around us.


Figma - This design tool has become the go-to solution for all things digital design. It’s what Google Docs did to Word (but Microsoft has caught up by making their tools accessible online). This product outshines both Sketch and Adobe XD.


Semplice - this is my go-to Wordpress theme for my portfolio... and frankly most of my Wordpress build. I absolutely love the editor and haven’t seen any other experience that matches the simplicity and effortlessness of this product. Best of all - it is a one-time payment.


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